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Worshipful Master:
William A. Gardenhire, jr.

Great Architect of the Universe, Creator of all things, I humbly come before You, acknowledging Your greatness: You are The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, You Oh Lord, control the universe with a thought, yet You take the time to intervene in the lives of man. We thank You for giving us access to Your Throne of Grace, where we can receive mercy and grace in our time of need. We come as humbly as we know how, asking you to bless Joppa Lodge No.55 collectively, and individually.


Bro. William A. Gardenhire Jr., Worshipful Master 

Bro. Harry Jenkins Jr., Senior Warden

Bro. Lino A. Solis, II, Junior Warden 

P.M. Mujaheed M.C. Bey, Treasurer 

P.M. Eric LLenas, Secretary

Right Worshipful Marcus Tellis           3-year Trustee 

Right Worshipful Howard Sanders    2-year Trustee

Right Worshipful Corey Alexander    1-year Trustee



Bro. Reggie Freeman, Senior Deacon

Bro. Carl Henderson, Junior Deacon

Bro. Harold Hazley, Sr. Master of Ceremonies 

Bro. Christian Irish, Jr. Master of Ceremonies

Bro. Kevin Crosdale, Sr. Steward

 Bro. Nathaniel Thompson, Jr. Steward 

Bro. Christopher Wright, Sr. Marshal

Bro. Mustafa White, Chaplin

P.M. Michael Shan (99) & P.M. Felix D. Rodriguez (66) Tyler 

We Meet on the 

4th Saturday of each Month 

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge

454 West 155th St. New York, NY 10032

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