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Joppa Lodge          No. 55

About our Lodge

Since 1920, Joppa Lodge #55  has enhanced and strengthened the character of men by providing opportunities for fellowship, philanthropy, and the search for truth – within ourselves and the larger world.

Through Freemasonry, we uphold our masonic values of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth providing us the opportunity to create lifelong fraternal bonds and impact our communities by improving ourselves. 

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The fraternal bonds formed in the lodge help build lifelong friendships among men with similar goals and values. Below is a list of upcoming events supporting the lodge and the community.


Masonic Movie Night


Yacht Party


Upcoming Event

Joppa Lodge No. 55

Worshipful Master, Howard Sanders

Great Architect of the Universe, Creator of all things. May it be your will that the Brothers of Joppa Lodge No. 55 receive insights from the materials presented and, in turn, contribute to our collective vision for the Lodge in 2022. May the year be blessed by not only the full return of Lodge activities but also by the restoration of health to our families, Lodge, City, State and Country.

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"A beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, illustrated by signs & symbols. "


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